My approach

My interest lies especially in sharing body awareness and healing techniques with the yoga beginner and intermediate student – experiencing the joy of movement and breathing, as well as deep concentration and relaxation which yoga philosophy can help us to achieve.


“In working with clients my main focus lies on Hatha Yoga. I have a gentle approach towards the asanas and teach pranayam , or what maybe is better called ‘mindful breathing’, as well as guided meditation. My teaching is inspired by Vanda Scaravelli and her students, in particular Ingrid Kottler, Karen Ingman, Diane Long and Sandra Sabatini with whom I have worked in South Africa, Italy and Germany.

At the same time I draw a lot of insight and inspiration from my studies of Shiatsu and Qigong.
Having been involved with different biological/ medical  and yogic studies for more than 30 years, and through my own journey, I am confident in offering my expertise in a holistic fashion and prefer to work with small groups or individuals.”